ALEO Regions

Regional Networks and Meetings
Each region of England and Wales has its own Network (currently known either as ALEO or CAN, depending upon the region), as well as its own pages on this website. Email news and updates are distributed to members by the regional secretariats and regular forum meetings are also held in each of the regions.

Please use the form at the bottom right of this page to enquire about joining your regional Network or to enquire about membership of ALEO at a national level if your organisation is not based in a particular region. Membership terms vary depending on the region, but membership is generally open to employees of local authorities, housing associations and charities with an interest in domestic energy efficiency, fuel poverty or climate change, with associate membership also available to private sector employees and other interested parties.

Please click on an area of the map or on a region name in the top right menu, to visit the pages for your region.

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