CAN becomes the Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO)

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CAN becomes the Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO)

Post by ALEO Admin » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:31 pm

After a supportive consultation amongst the membership, the CAN Executive agreed in January to change our national identity to the Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO), and this will take effect from 1 February 2016. It was widely felt that the main driver for much of our work was no longer carbon but that domestic energy efficiency and fuel poverty remained central to our role. Our new identity plainly describes our purpose as a representative body for our sector. It also marks the commitment of myself and the rest of the ALEO Executive to promote the hugely important work of local energy officers across England and Wales in delivering warmer homes and a sustainable energy future.

Whilst the Executive would prefer that we have a consistent identity across the country it will be entirely up to regions whether they choose to adopt this new identity in their areas or retain their existing names and this will be discussed by them over the coming months.

Although our principal focus will remain on the central importance of local authorities we welcome the continued participation and support of social landlords, community energy organisations and private sector partners in our networks and we’ll be discussing how best to maximise their participation in the coming months. The very current moves towards greater devolution within England and Wales present significant opportunities for cross-sector local energy partnerships and we will be making the case for these at the highest levels.

John Kolm-Murray
National Chair, Association of Local Energy Officers

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