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Decarbonisation of heat (published by Regen)

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 1:47 pm
by AngelaE
The Decarbonisation of Heat; A decade to make a difference

A new paper published by Regen, identifies that heat energy, which now accounts for over a third of the UK’s carbon emissions, is the greatest decarbonisation challenge the UK faces to meet its net zero carbon commitment.

The paper calls on national government and regional bodies to increase efforts to tackle carbon emissions from buildings and to create a consumer led transformation of heat provision.

Regen director and paper co-author, Johnny Gowdy, says “We need commitment to improve the fabric of the UK’s buildings which are bottom of the league in thermal insulation. That means getting to grips with zero carbon building standards, and a massive acceleration of energy efficiency measures, both to cut carbon emissions and to tackle fuel poverty”
The paper can be found at: ... e-Page.pdf