Calls to make energy efficiency a national priority

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Calls to make energy efficiency a national priority

Post by ALEO Admin » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:06 pm

Coinciding with the Government's recent consultation on 'Building Our Industrial Strategy', which closed on 17 April 2017, a number of stakeholders have highlighted the need to make energy efficiency an industry priority.

On 12 April, the Royal Academy of Engineering published 'Engineering an economy that works for all', an Industrial Strategy Green Paper response. The report states that "Energy efficiency and resource productivity should be prioritised and addressed through incentives to increase efficiency and stronger enforcement of regulations."
To download the report, visit: ... ks-for-all

On 19 April, Energy UK launched 'Pathways to a low carbon future', which calls for energy efficiency in UK homes to be made a national priority. The report, identifies heat as the biggest challenge for decarbonisation at large scale and one that needs a clear direction from Government. See: ... uture.html

On 21 April, Energy UK also published its response to the industrial strategy consultation, with Chief Executive Lawrence Slade, commenting that "the industrial strategy must be built around a commitment to a sustainable future with energy efficiency and low carbon electricity generation at its core". See ... ation.html

On 13 April, The Solar Trade Association (STA), Renewable UK, The Electricity Storage Network, REA, Regen, and Scottish Renewables signed a joint letter to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, highlighting its suggested priorities for the Government's Industrial Strategy. To read the full letter, visit: ... nt-letter/

STA have also published analysis suggesting that solar deployment on homes has dropped 75 per cent, while installations on larger rooftops has dropped 65 per cent following recent cuts to the Feed-in Tariff.
See ... nch-point/

For more information on the BEIS Consultation on Building Our Industrial Strategy, see: viewtopic.php?f=86&t=955

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