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HECA 2013 Summary Matrix

Posted: Fri Oct 11, 2013 11:05 am
by David
Now that DECC have published a summary report on the HECA reports received this year I thought I might some observtions and see what others thought on the overall picture. The link is here; ... ca-reports

So of the 292 Energy Conservation authorties (ECA), otherwise known as LA with housing repsonsibility, 250 submitted reports an 86% return. There were 210 reports as some were joint returns.

67% reported on the work already done before.
59% already have Feul poverty plans in place
33% used SAP data for the reports

The ambitious priorities included;
56% having a CO2 reduction target
27% having a fuel poverty target

Interestingly only 8% have ECO fuding secured by Mach yet 9% had EU, DECC or even lottery funding.

Any other observations?