Chapter 12: GD monitoring & evaluation and ECO admin

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Chapter 12: GD monitoring & evaluation and ECO admin

Post by ALEO Admin » Thu Jan 05, 2012 3:06 pm

Questions from "Chapter 12: Green Deal monitoring and evaluation and ECO administration" of the Green Deal Consultation are given below. If you have any comments on these questions please post them here.

More information including the full consultation documentation is available at: ... _deal.aspx.

61.Is there other information the Government should collect in order to enable effective
Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation Consultation Document
monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the performance of the Green Deal and ECO?

62.Should DECC be responsible for administering the ECO, with technical functions outsourced to the private sector, or should Ofgem administer the scheme? Please provide evidence to support your views.

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Re: Chapter 12: GD monitoring & evaluation and ECO admin

Post by David » Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:26 pm

My individual views only

61. One of the main failings of past activity has been the lack of an individual property database to record all activities. Either the regulator or Local Authoritiesw through their HECA functions could be charged with recording all data on GD, FiTs and RHI at least on Domestic stock if not commercial as well. This would help wityh targeting and fraud prevention.

62. I would prefer the function to remain with people who develop a leagcy of understanding so that they can inform future iterations, and unfortunately government departments are subject to regular change so I would suggest OFGEM is better placed.

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