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Welcome to the Association of Local Energy Officers East (ALEO East)

ALEO East was previously known as HECA East.
(Please see CAN becomes the Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO), for more information.)

ALEO East is a partnership of the 47 Local Authorities across the Eastern Region, the six counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Its members are the local authorities themselves and by definition staff members of these authorities who have access to ALEO East services.

ALEO East meets three times a year and provides a forum where:

- information and presentations are given on the latest policy updates

- ideas are shared and issue discussed relating to energy efficiency and HECA

- views can be shared that can be relaid via the ALEO Executive to central government.

We have an Associate Membership which is offered free to organisations, companies and charities which display the same objectives and aims of our organisation. To become an Associate Member, please contact the Secretariat using the details on the contacts page.

Our membership currently exceeds 170 organisations and individuals, all working in the Eastern Region to deliver the governmental objective of reducing carbon emissions by 80% before 2050.

ALEO East does not receive any funding and is kindly sponsored by Aran Services (